July 8, 2010

Album Review: 3OH!3 - Streets of Gold

Artist: 3OH!3
Country of Origin: America
Genre: Electronic
Released: June 29, 2010

...if this doesn't lower your IQ I don't know what will.

But then again this is the kind of mindless music that I totally dig when I'm dancing, drinking, and etc.Perfect for passively listening to or acting crazy too. Kind of like the ultimate Steve-O soundtrack, yeah?

Love 2012 is about a song effing 2012.  
See You Go is actually a pretty sweet song asking for someone to not leave.
In comparison to the other tracks, Streets of Gold is the most boring, surprisingly.
I'm Not the One, another sweet simple song.
Double Vision, RIP, We Are Young - Most unmemorable
I Can Do Anything - Do it Viral/ Spread it like an STD you got back in High School - LOL

....basically the most catchiest tunes on this record such as My First Kiss, Don't Trust Me, Starstrukk, Deja Vu , and (I hate House Party) have already been released as singles/leaked earlier and the rest of the album are only fillers.

Mindless Rating: 5.5/10 

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