July 6, 2010

Album Review: Sia - We Are Born

Artist: Sia (aka Sia Furler)
Country of Origin: Australia
Genre: Pretty, inspiring, beautiful music. ;)/ Pop.
Released: June 18, 2010

Sia - We Are Born

I have a confession to make. I have literally listened to Sia's Breathe Me 100+ times. Thank you Sia for giving the motivation to go on when my school studies became tedious, annoying, disgusting, wretched and etc. :)

...but this album euphemistically speaking, really underwhelms me... :(

So many tracks on this album sound so disposable. I've listened to this album back to back several times already but I have yet been able to decipher the differences from song to song.

Best - Clap Your Hands, Bring Night, Big Girl Little Girl
Reminiscent of "Breathe Me" - I'm In Here

The rest of the songs well... they blend together over time and lack... a personality. I find myself droning out after a while forgetting that I was even listening to iTunes.

Don't quit Sia, and make another album. <3

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Rating: 5/10

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