July 5, 2010

Album review: Uffie - Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans

Artist: Uffie (real name Anna Catharine-Hartley)
Country of Origin: France
Genre:  Electronic
Released: June 22, 2010 (U.S) 

Uffie - Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans

I'd first like to comment on the fact that I really like the album cover. That splash of red is so... alluring.

Secondly I'd like to address the fact that Uffie and Ke$ha should not be compared. Every time I'm looking up music by Ke$ha there's always some comparison to Uffie. WHY? If you're one of these people please cease. I think this little feud all leads back to the belief that mainstream > semi obscure/cult-y sounds. No. Use your own damn head. Love it. Like it. Hate it. Don't base it off popularity. 

I'm sure Uffie needs no introduction as I'm sure everyone remembered when "Pop the Glock"'s popularity spread like wildfire on myspace and other networks.

Track by Track listening impressions

Pop the Glock - Damn I feel like partying NOW.
Art of Uff - Not feeling it
ADD SUV (ft. Pharrell) - Hot.
Give It Away - Light, giddy, keekeekee, cute,
MCs Can Kiss -  Oh Uffie you so arrogant, but this is really is catchy.
Difficult - "Don't worry about right rhymes I write checks"
First Love - Cute
Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans - Dreamy
Our Song - "I can't even sing you know?" I still like your music anyways Uffie. :) This song makes me kind of sleepy.
Illusion of Love - Pleasant and peaceful in a hypnotic way
Neuneu -
Brand New Car - Arrogant shit.Turn it ^.
Hong Kong Garden - Lalalala. Happy music. :)
Ricky -
Overall I liked this album. It's something I would listen to before I went to sleep, jogging, jumping around like I'm high, and etc. The concept of "anti-flow" is pervaded in the album as at times she's just talking to her listeners.

However overall I have to admit I'm a little disappointied... I expected 15 tracks just as fun and catchy as "Pop the Glock"... She has still yet to make a better song as "Pop the Glock" (there are some great tracks still the bolded from above are my favorites) & I really like "Pop the Glock" and I'm so sure Uffie can do more. "/ Afterall I've all been waiting for a full length Uffie record since like 5 years ago.

Rating: 6/10 

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