July 1, 2010

Album Review: Danson Tang's D1 The First Second

Finally FUN/UPBEAT/POP Taiwanese music
Danson Tang - D1 The First Second

 Country of Origin: Taiwan.

  1. I’m Back (rap feat. f(x) Amber)
  2. 灰色河堤 (pinyin: huī sè hé dī)
  3. 陪你 (pinyin: péi nǐ)
  4. 放過你自己吧 (pinyin: fàng guo nǐ zì jǐ ba)
  5. Be with You
  6. 不成文規定 (pinyin: bù chéng wén guī dìng)
  7. 你那首歌 (pinyin: nǐ nà shǒu gē)
  8. You are the One
  9. 淚偶 (pinyin: lèi ǒu)
  10. 開心對不對 (pinyin: kāi xīn duì bù duì)

I ain't gonna lie. I'm not really a fan of Chinese/Mandarin/Taiwanese music. But this album I can enjoy. It has that modern electronic sound that much of China/Taiwan are lacking. In the case of American music I ask for more ballads/ and yuhknow raw singing. But people who know anything about Chinese music know that there are way too many love songs/ blahblah ballads. The whole music industry is just erupting from cheesy mush.
So I'm glad.

Finally some upbeat music I can listen to for fun! Granted half the album is still super slow and mushy but hey it's progress for some all party music cd. Can't wait for that day to happen.

OMFG AUTOTUNE YES -> Bu Cheng Wen Gui Ding
Electronic -> I'm Back (ft. Amber) That chick from f(x) can fucking rap, mang.

Rating (on a Taiwanese pop scale) : 10/10

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  1. .....i just finished the comment with your jared leto page, than i look at this...i'm not so much interesting with 唐禹哲, i'm a taiwanese but i love rock music so bad, and it's been like 3 years i haven't heared any of chiness, japan or korea music anymore, the music i listen only u.s. and europe i don't know why, maybe it's because i love the language, english! p.s. you're right, the music in taiwan always are love song or pop....